Artist: Duo Walning, Lorenzo Gatto
Title: Richard Strauss: Morgen
Genre: Classical
Release Date: 2017
Duration: 00:49:29
Quality: High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 24bit/96kHz
Label: Cypres

A classical cellist, soloist of the Orchestre symphonique de la Monnaie, involved in chamber music, jazz/ rock and folk/fiddle meets an eclectic pianist familiar with Bach, Chopin, Franck or Corrigliano as much as with jazz and improvisation. Loco Motive Trio and Blade Runner band for the first one, Soledad for the second one and until 2014, Trio Talweg for both of them (founded in 2004 with Sbastien Surel) : Sbastien Walnier and Alexander Gurning pride very seriously opening up musical approaches, faithful to each musical style they play and free to travel from one world to another. Between walking and awakening, Walning explores different musical styles in all simplicity.


  1. Sonate en Fa Majeur, Op. 6, TrV 115: I. Allegro con brio – 9:38
  2. Sonate en Fa Majeur, Op. 6, TrV 115: II. Andante ma non troppo – 8:12
  3. Sonate en Fa Majeur, Op. 6, TrV 115: III. Finale. Allegro vivo – 8:37
  4. Romanze en Fa Majeur, Op. 13, TrV 118 – 9:09
  5. 4 Lieder, Op. 27, TrV 170: IV. Morgen – 3:37
  6. 5 Lieder, Op. 39, TrV 189: IV. Befreit – 5:37
  7. 5 Lieder, Op. 41, TrV 195: I. Wiegenlied – 4:41