Five Horse Johnson – Jake Leg Boogie (2017) [FLAC]

Five Horse Johnson - Jake Leg Boogie (2017) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Five_Horse_Johnson-Jake_Leg_Boogie-CD-FLAC-2017-6DM
Artist: Five Horse Johnson
Album: Jake Leg Boogie
Genre: Rock
Year: 2017
Tracks: 10
Duration: 00:39:31
Size: 267.37 MB

When Five Horse Johnson formed back in 1995, referring to themselves as a blues band, a few brows might well have been furrowed. But this is a band that has always understood that the blues isn't a formula - it's a way of looking at the world. Their take on the blooze is as a dirty, sensual thing, enhanced with a healthy dose of humor. From the slow, bluesy stomp of the title-track, to the dirge vibe of Daddy Was a Gun - a story of some weird goings-on in a strange parish - Jake Leg Boogie is pure old school FHJ, recorded live, everyone in the same room, with as little overdubbing as possible. Accordingly, it feels lively and loud in the MC5-come-Hendrix vibe of Hard Times, the hard-rocking Magic Man (a tale of depravity set in the town of Springfield, MO), and the near-Texan boogie of Smoke Show. Jake Leg Boogie was recorded at Rustbelt Studios, with longtime producer Al Sutton (Big Chief, Novadriver, Halfway to Gone, Detroit Cobras) at the production helm, with a definitive nod to Dave Cobb (All Them Witches, Rival Sons). Artwork provided by noted graphic artist and FHJ-collaborator Mark Dancey, keeping with a tradition established on 1999's Fat Black Pussycat. Five Horse Johnson is not a band that makes apologies, and compromise is not an option. The truth is, this is hard, heavy, dirty blues rock 'n' roll for people who like the sound of an engine roaring or the feeling obtained by following a cold beer with a shot of good whiskey. FHJ will gladly kick your ***, and then wait for you to say thank you and ask for another. Which you will. For fans of: ZZ Top, John Lee Hooker, Rival Sons, Clutch


  1. Five Horse Johnson - Jake Leg Boogie - 2:40 (1010 kbps , 19.25 MB)
  2. Five Horse Johnson - Magic Man - 4:17 (978 kbps , 29.93 MB)
  3. Five Horse Johnson - Cryin' Shame - 4:32 (957 kbps , 31.09 MB)
  4. Five Horse Johnson - Ropes And Chains - 3:40 (957 kbps , 25.09 MB)
  5. Five Horse Johnson - Hard Times - 4:08 (935 kbps , 27.65 MB)
  6. Five Horse Johnson - Smoke Show - 4:17 (965 kbps , 29.59 MB)
  7. Five Horse Johnson - Little Lonely - 4:53 (919 kbps , 32.07 MB)
  8. Five Horse Johnson - Overload - 3:58 (955 kbps , 27.04 MB)
  9. Five Horse Johnson - Daddy Was A Gun - 4:37 (910 kbps , 30.02 MB)
  10. Five Horse Johnson - Last Song - 2:35 (844 kbps , 15.64 MB)

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