Foxy Shazam – Introducing (2008) [FLAC]

Foxy Shazam - Introducing (2008) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Foxy_Shazam-Introducing-CD-FLAC-2008-FAWN
Artist: Foxy Shazam
Album: Introducing
Genre: Rock
Year: 2008
Tracks: 10
Duration: 00:33:10
Size: 241.2 MB

Foxy rocks with the inventiveness of Modest Mouse, the epic nature of Queen, the chaos of The Blood Brothers, and the soul of Rev. Al Green Taking their queue from contemporaries like At the Drive-In, Gogol Bordello, Man Man, and others in the modern piano-driven punk era, FOXY SHAZAM construct a formula of chaotic and disjointed, convulsive punk rock, complete w/ apocalyptic lyrics and doom-ridden instrumentation, seemingly rising and intoxicating like vapors from a cryptic, acid-laden party in hell. The self-proclaimed Evel Knievel of Rock N Roll, Foxy Shazam is here to make a musical death defying stunt with their New Weathermen debut Introducing, to be released in January of 2008. The album, recorded with producer Casey Bates (Chiodos, Heavy Heavy Low Low) takes their piano propelled songs that layer spastic hardcore noise atop fractured Soul inspired pop to a new level, one that emphasizes - well - good times, tells vocalist Eric Nally. The whole point of the album is to be a feel-good dance party. We stepped up our game while throwing our whole selves and personality quirks in it, making the album very centered and focused on our development. The songs are varied, and there are a few head scratchers thrown in the mix, tells Nally. One song, Dangerous Man, is meant for the soundtrack of a Robin Hood film. Another song, Red Cape Diver, is about a bull fighter who is telling his family that he loves them before he goes off to work. But most of the songs are just about having a good time. Foxy Shazam has been taking their party mobile since their formation in 2004. The quintet from Cincinnati, OH, which consists of Nally, Loren Turner (guitar), Daisy (bass), Sky White (piano), and Joe Halberstadt (drums) The band released their debut album The Flamingo Trigger (2005), and then went on to tour exhaustively, performing over two hundred shows within a span of eighteen months. Catch them headlining the US and Canada from Jan 18 to March 7 with Karate High School and Peachcake


  1. Foxy Shazam - Introducing Foxy - 3:16 (982 kbps , 22.94 MB)
  2. Foxy Shazam - The Rocketeer - 2:49 (1038 kbps , 20.95 MB)
  3. Foxy Shazam - Dangerous Man - 3:06 (1051 kbps , 23.32 MB)
  4. Foxy Shazam - The Science Of Love - 3:04 (1002 kbps , 21.98 MB)
  5. Foxy Shazam - A Black Man's Breakfast - 3:30 (966 kbps , 24.18 MB)
  6. Foxy Shazam - It's Hair Smelled Like Bonfire - 2:41 (1064 kbps , 20.42 MB)
  7. Foxy Shazam - Red Cape Diver - 4:17 (960 kbps , 29.36 MB)
  8. Foxy Shazam - Yes Yes Yes - 2:55 (1047 kbps , 21.79 MB)
  9. Foxy Shazam - Ghost Animals - 3:28 (1045 kbps , 25.89 MB)
  10. Foxy Shazam - Cool - 4:12 (1011 kbps , 30.36 MB)

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