Idan Raichel - And If You Will Come To Me (2019) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Idan_Raichel-and_If_You_Will_Come_to_Me-IL-CD-FLAC-2019-MUNDANE
Artist: Idan Raichel
Album: And If You Will Come To Me
Genre: Pop
Year: 2019
Tracks: 10
Duration: 00:36:25
Size: 241.57 MB

2019 release. For 15 years, Idan Raichel has released records under his own name, with his group The Idan Raichel Project, and with The Tour-Raichel Collective, his duo with Malian guitarist Vieux Farka Tour. As one of the most popular and beloved artists in the history of Israeli music, and through his collaborations with artists from around the world, Raichel has also become a global icon. And If You Will Come to Me reflects the next phase in a personal journey that began nearly three years ago when he started to perform more intimate solo and small ensemble concerts. It also returns to the eternal themes that have long been at the core of his work, reflecting a rediscovery of his original inspirations. “We always want to evolve and search for new things,” reflects Idan, “Sometimes you need to travel far away just to come back to the beginning.” Along with guest musicians from Japan, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Cuba and India, And If You Will Come to Me features duets with African guitar wizard Bombino, Cuban GRAMMY nominee Danay Suarez, Israeli stars Berry Sakharof and Zehava Ben, and a special new studio track with the reunited Idan Raichel Project. The album’s title track (“Ve’Eem Tavo’ee Elay” in Hebrew) has already become one of Idan’s biggest hits ever in Israel, with nearly 18 million streams on YouTube, and the singles from the album have racked up a total of 35 million YouTube plays. His international tour begins in March 2019 and will see him performing in the USA, the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden and more. And If You Will Come to Me promises to be the most impactful album of Idan Raichel’s illustrious career.


  1. Idan Raichel – Galgal Mistovev (Spinning Wheel) – 3:16 (989 kbps , 23.07 MB)
  2. Idan Raichel – Ahava Ka’zo (A Love Like This) feat. Zehava Ben – 4:47 (812 kbps , 27.8 MB)
  3. Idan Raichel – Ve’Eem Tavo’ee Elay (And If You Will Come To Me) – 3:35 (959 kbps , 24.55 MB)
  4. Idan Raichel – La Eternidad Que Se Perdio (The Eternity That Was Lost) feat. Danay Suarez – 3:21 (953 kbps , 22.83 MB)
  5. Idan Raichel – Beresheet (In The Beginning) – 4:44 (958 kbps , 32.5 MB)
  6. Idan Raichel – Lama Ze Magi’a Lanu (Why Do We Deserve It) feat. Berry Sakharof – 3:28 (1016 kbps , 25.25 MB)
  7. Idan Raichel – Imidiwanine (My Friends) feat. Bombino – 3:19 (874 kbps , 20.73 MB)
  8. Idan Raichel – At Lo Nish’eret Levad (You Are Not Left On Your Own) – 3:42 (930 kbps , 24.65 MB)
  9. Idan Raichel – Ketero (Let’s Meet) feat. The Idan Raichel Project – 3:44 (1045 kbps , 27.89 MB)
  10. Idan Raichel – Ve’Eem Tavo’ee Elay (And If You Will Come To Me) [Piano version] – 2:34 (669 kbps , 12.29 MB)

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