Jermain Jackman – Jermain Jackman (2015) [FLAC]

Jermain Jackman - Jermain Jackman (2015) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Jermain_Jackman-Jermain_Jackman-(4718255)-CD-FLAC-2015-MUNDANE
Artist: Jermain Jackman
Album: Jermain Jackman
Genre: Pop
Year: 2015
Tracks: 12
Duration: 00:42:34
Size: 284.28 MB

Having won over the affections of the nation on BBC's The Voice UK 2014, Jermain Jackman announces the release of his self-titled debut album. Over the course of the year he has worked very hard to create what has shaped up to be an outstanding British soul record. Unlike any other winner to date, this is an album of original tracks, co-written by this young man from Hackney proving that's there's much more to his talent than simply his exceptional voice. At just 19 years-old, Jermain is one of the UK's most innovative, interesting and unique teenagers. Blessed with beautifully rich baritone vocals, his renditions of 'A House Is Not A Home', 'Wrecking Ball' and 'I'm Telling You' - which have had over 5 million views online - are simply stunning and show off his incredible range as a singer. The debut album reflects Jermain's vintage sound. This is British soul music inspired by yesterday, made for tomorrow. Jermain says, "I think my music has the ability to appeal to all sorts of people of all ages. But I'm still a young man, and I want my music to reflect that too." Album opener, 'You Changed The Game' has echoes of classic Luther Vandross with a hint of Al Green, with Jermain's vocal soaring effortlessly over triumphant trumpets and captivating melodies. You get the sense, strongly, that this is a man very much in love with music and because of that, many other people are going to love his music too. Elsewhere on the album, 'How Will I Know' boasts a vivacious horn section and playful lyrics that sound straight from the school of Motown. An upbeat song with an overriding message of hope. Beautiful ballad, 'Replaced' showcases Jermain's powerful and evoking voice, perfectly rounding-up the album and showing his versatility as an artist.


  1. Jermain Jackman - You Changed The Game - 3:39 (994 kbps , 26 MB)
  2. Jermain Jackman - What It Is - 3:09 (1014 kbps , 22.82 MB)
  3. Jermain Jackman - The Home I Never Had - 2:19 (888 kbps , 14.72 MB)
  4. Jermain Jackman - Ready For Love - 3:56 (1018 kbps , 28.59 MB)
  5. Jermain Jackman - With Me Today - 3:49 (888 kbps , 24.24 MB)
  6. Jermain Jackman - Finally Over You - 3:58 (984 kbps , 27.87 MB)
  7. Jermain Jackman - How Will I Know - 3:08 (1030 kbps , 23.04 MB)
  8. Jermain Jackman - Who You Love - 3:23 (927 kbps , 22.4 MB)
  9. Jermain Jackman - Louder Than Words - 3:25 (889 kbps , 21.75 MB)
  10. Jermain Jackman - Only One - 3:13 (949 kbps , 21.87 MB)
  11. Jermain Jackman - Replaced - 3:29 (923 kbps , 23.05 MB)
  12. Jermain Jackman - A House Is Not A Home - 5:13 (748 kbps , 27.91 MB)

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