Maarten Ornstein, Tony Overwater, Wim Kegel – Jungle Boldie (2010) High-Fidelity DSF Stereo DSD64/2.82MHz

Artist: Maarten Ornstein, Tony Overwater, Wim Kegel
Title: Jungle Boldie
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 2010
Duration: 51:57
Quality: High-Fidelity DSF Stereo DSD64/2.82MHz
Label: Turtle Records

THE MAGNUS EFFECT A football spinning in spirals flows, waves of a crashing cymbal float. Chick-chick sounds with the hi-hat, a shot on the rim of the snare. I sink into the ruffle of brushes, tight with the bass. Switching flanks like boys on fields of play. Blue notes bend - off beat, back beat. Could you pass me the ball please? I bathe into its belly, in the warmth of ebony. Sing! Let's plunge into the mouthpiece, into the stutter of reeds. Through the tube of the target man, to the spitting of chant.


01 - Dancing the Waves
02 - Bouzouki Wars
03 - Parallels
04 - Rosemary's Baby
05 - Transit
06 - Beirut
07 - St James Infirmary
08 - Up and Down
09 - Quicksie
10 - Compliments
11 - Teardrops for Jimmy


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