Melt Trio – Stroy (2016) [24bit FLAC]

Melt Trio – Stroy (2016)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/44,1 kHz | Time – 52:14 minutes | 548 MB | Genre: Jazz
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The Melt Trio’s third album has an atmospheric yet exciting effect. Bernhard and Peter Meyer and Moritz Baumgärtner have refined their special style and show even greater will to design in details. Their combination of acoustic and electronic sounds is more subtle than ever, concrete influences from jazz and classical modern to post and prog rock can only be made out in a vague way, because the music simply sounds like a melt trio. It has always been one of the band’s trademarks to merge composed and improvised passages in such a way that they can hardly be distinguished. Conventional structures, such as the succession of leitmotif and soloistic abstractions, have long been dissolved at Melt. And if you are looking for fretboard witchcraft for your own sake, you are welcome to find something else.

Through many joint concerts in recent years, Meyer, Meyer and Baumgärtner have grown into one entity, almost a musical organism. They select the right timbres from their wide range of expressions at the right time, with determination and focus. Cooperations with Jan Bang, Tony Malaby, John Hollenbeck, Jim Black or Theo Bleckmann have also given the three personalities maturity. All of this can be heard on Stroy. “When I wrote the pieces for the album, I already had upcoming concerts in my head,” explains Bernhard Meyer, “especially the energy, spontaneity and openness that arises on stage.” Quieter moments live from nuances and subtle ramifications that sometimes change continuously condense and exaggerate, sometimes interspersed with suddenly illuminating expressions. The dynamic is great, but seldom comes up like an attack, rather it swells up and down slowly. The individual pieces and the entire album are reminiscent of a meandering river, sometimes contemplative, sometimes riddled with rapids. The band seems to move upstream towards the source in the course of the plate.

Instead of striving for spectacular speed, the Melt Trio sometimes creates spun, almost ecstatic moods. Tensions arise when the music always moves forward within a composition instead of rotating in circles as is often the case. Improvisations and solos are not individual actions fired one after the other. Rather, they come and go almost unnoticed, arise suddenly from sound and context, serve as substantial bridges to tell the musical story further. With the goal in mind to arrive somewhere else and not to land again at the starting point. The poetry inherent in this music finds its counterpart in the title of the album. The band already gave the previous record a suggestive name: Hymnolia. It is no coincidence that the playful artificial word Stroy is reminiscent of “story”. In addition – and more importantly – for Melt it associates the opposite of “destroy”. Their motivation is to build up sounds and atmospheres instead of tearing structures down violently.

The distinctive sound awareness of the three musicians has history. In recent years, especially in other constellations, they have worked out their personal musical manuscripts more and more. Bernhard Meyer is one of the few in his field who plugs a semi-resonance bass, sometimes plays a double role as a priming bassist and rhythm guitarist and prepares the ground for extensive improvisations. Its gravitational field holds events together at all times. Peter Meyer sometimes transfers the aesthetics of acoustic pickings to the electric guitar, creates individual harmonic twists and turns between clever complexity and emotional depth. Both Meyers know how to deal with effect devices and loopers, elegantly combine the warm timbre of wood and targeted digital technology. Moritz Baumgärtner developed a singular, immediately identifiable expression as a drummer. His playing is characterized by sonic quality, unusual use of materials (various metal, metal, megaphone and much more) and energy spurts that can break loose with the wasteful power of a volcanic eruption. Baumgärtner has always oscillated between styles, acting as a sovereign backbone for Lisbeth Quartet, Johanna Borchert and the electro punk band Frittenbude, among others, for the crazy rock circus Bonaparte from 2010 to 2014. “In the past, we were mainly inspired by things that we heard,” Baumgärtner summarizes the development from his point of view, “today we draw from our own experience. We are even clearer at which moment we use certain gestures and sounds. You peel off more and more and see the core. ”

The Meyer brothers have been playing together since their teenage years, long as a guitar trio with a changing drummer, “because there were simply no saxophonists or pianists in our village with whom we could have worked.


01. Crescending (5:19)
02. Cassandra Complex (4:48)
03. Congo Square (5:21)
04. Snow Down (4:35)
05. Hybris I (4:21)
06. Hybris II (3:04)
07. Stroy (4:41)
08. Mimikry (7:12)
09. Bica (2:38)
10. Nexus (4:33)
11. Heiliger Dankgesang (5:49)


Peter Meyer, Gitarre
Bernhard Meyer, Bass
Moritz Baumgärtner, Schlagzeug

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