Patricia Barber – Modern Cool (1998/2002) High-Fidelity DSF Stereo DSD64/2.82MHz

Artist: Patricia Barber Title: Modern Cool Genre: Jazz Release Date: 1998 Duration: 01:13:00 Quality: High-Fidelity DSF Stereo DSD64/2.82MHz Label: Floyd Records Source: Modern Cool was recorded at Chicago Recording Company in early 1998. For many, Modern Cool is the record that brought Patricia Barber to their attention. Its success with critics and jazz fans led Blue Note Records to enter into a "joint imprint" production deal with Premonition Records, the first time they had ever done such a deal in their storied history. Done on the Sony 3348, a 32-track (16/48) digital tape recorder, and mixed down to 2-track, half-inch tape with Dolby SR, this was Barber's first album of mostly original material. Anderson utilized mostly tube microphones (Brauner and Neumann) and John Hardy M-1 preamps, whose signal was patched to the tape bypassing the console. Analog 2-track mixes transferred to 24/192 kHz by Doug Sax. Converted to DSD from the 24/192 by Gus Skinas. Five Stars! - DownBeat Magazine "This is the kind of art we should all pay close attention to, the 21st century has started." - The New York Times "One of the best jazz records of the 20th century." - AUDIO Magazine (Germany) Grammy Award winner for "Best Surround Sound Album" (2013) A Stereophile Recording of the Month! Tracklist: 01 - Touch Of Trash 02 - Winter 03 - You & The Night & The Music 04 - Constantinople 05 - Light My Fire 06 - Silent Partner 07 - Company 08 - Let It Rain 09 - She's A Lady 10 - Love, Put On Your Faces 11 - Postmodern Blues 12 - Let It Rain - Vamp Download:
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