Rage - The Devil Strikes Again (2016) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Rage-The_Devil_Strikes_Again-(NB_3550-0)-LIMITED_EDITION-2CD-FLAC-2016-WRE
Artist: Rage
Album: The Devil Strikes Again
Genre: Heavy Metal
Year: 2016
Tracks: 6
Duration: 01:13:10
Size: 564.96 MB

The Devil Strikes Again’ is the name of the new album by the German metal institution Rage. With this record and a new line-up, consisting of the native Venezoelan, Belgian-by-choice guitarist Marcos Rodriguez and the German-Greek, ex-drum tech and best friend of his predecessor Chris Efthimiadis, Vassilios ‘Lucky’ Maniatopoulos on drums, along with mastermind, frontman and bass player Peter ‘Peavy’ Wagner, Rage report back – louder then ever. Peavy elaborates on the band’s 22nd studio album:’With our new album we wanted to deliberately build on the energy and the spirit of our classic albums from the 90s. We focussed again absolutely to the songs, hard and straight, with awesome melodies. The collaboration with Marcos and Lucky works extremely well, it had been a long time since I was so inspired and felt so liberated during songwriting, and so some of the best tracks that I could ever record with Rage came about. We are more than proud of this album and we can’t wait to bring ‘The Devil Strikes Again’ to the stage.’ The enormous enthusiasm and energy of the band’s new line-up could clearly be seen live already at the club tour late last year and on the tour with HELLOWEEN this January/February, when Rage lived up to it’s name and took the audience by storm. ‘The Devil Strikes Again’ is an impressive testimony of what Rage stands for in 2016 and for what has begun incredible 32 years ago in Herne: metal. Hard, loud, with hard rhythms, soaring melodies, huge choirs, stadium choruses, fast and musically at top level. As in most cases in the history of Rage, the ten tracks on ‘The Devil Strikes Again’ were produced by Peavy Wagner. The album was co-produced by guitarist Marcos Rodriguez. The recordings took place at Megafon Studios in Burscheid and at Soundchaser Studios in Zandhofen, Belgium, whilst the renowned Dan Swan (OPETH, MARDUK, DISSECTION among others) contributed the mix and the mastering. The ingenious artwork was created by Karim Knig (photo credit: Ivan K. Maras, director of the ‘My Way’ music video). For fans of Rage outputs like ‘Black In Mind’ or ‘The Missing Link’ there is no way around ‘The Devil Strikes Again’. Rage are back with full power!


  1. Rage – The Devil Strikes Again – 4:38 (1106 kbps , 36.64 MB)
  2. Rage – My Way – 4:20 (1096 kbps , 33.92 MB)
  3. Rage – Back On Track – 4:19 (1132 kbps , 35 MB)
  4. Rage – The Final Curtain – 4:13 (1083 kbps , 32.67 MB)
  5. Rage – War – 4:21 (1090 kbps , 33.93 MB)
  6. Rage – Ocean Full Of Tears – 4:03 (1149 kbps , 33.27 MB)
  7. Rage – Deaf, Dumb And Blind – 4:15 (1098 kbps , 33.36 MB)
  8. Rage – Spirits Of The Night – 4:55 (1061 kbps , 37.25 MB)
  9. Rage – Times Of Darkness – 5:14 (972 kbps , 36.35 MB)
  10. Rage – The Dark Side Of The Sun – 5:47 (1101 kbps , 45.54 MB)
  11. Rage – Bring Me Down – 5:05 (1045 kbps , 38.06 MB)
  12. Rage – Requiem – 3:55 (1060 kbps , 29.75 MB)
  13. Rage – Into The Fire – 5:27 (1104 kbps , 43.09 MB)
  14. Rage – Slave To The Grind – 3:28 (1051 kbps , 26.06 MB)
  15. Rage – Bravado – 4:38 (1049 kbps , 34.73 MB)
  16. Rage – Open Fire – 4:42 (1050 kbps , 35.33 MB)

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