Artist: Van Baerle Trio
Title: Saint-Saens, Loevendie, Ravel: Piano Trios
Genre: Classical
Release Date: 2012
Duration: 01:06:17
Quality: High-Fidelity DSF Stereo DSD64/2.82MHz
Label: Etcetera Records

“We are always somewhat cerebral, but within that framework we are frequently able to reach perfection” stated Maurice Ravel about French artists in an interview with a Madrid newspaper in 1924. Such a characterisation was true not only for Ravel but also for his colleague Camille Saint-Sans, who had continued to stress the importance of musical form throughout his long career and as a result had fallen from critical favour. Ravel, however, admired Saint-Sans; they were artistically related in that Ravel’s own composition teacher was Gabriel Faur, who had himself been a pupil and protg of Saint-Sans. This first CD from the Van Baerle Trio enables the listener to make a comparison between these two great French composers, with an important supporting role being allotted to the Dutch composer Theo Loevendie, whose open-mindedness and ability to absorb multiple musical influences is always a guarantee of a stimulating musical experience for the listener.


01 – Piano Trio No. 1 in F major (1863)- I. Allegro vivace
02 – Piano Trio No. 1 in F major (1863)- II. Andante
03 – Piano Trio No. 1 in F major (1863)- III. Scherzo- Presto
04 – Piano Trio No. 1 in F major (1863)- IV. Allegro
05 – Ackermusik (1997)
06 – Piano Trio (1914)- I. Modere
07 – Piano Trio (1914)- II. Pantoum- Assez vif
08 – Piano Trio (1914)- III. Passacaille- Tres large
09 – Piano Trio (1914)- IV. Final- Anime