With The End In Mind – Tides Of Fire (2020) [FLAC]

With The End In Mind - Tides Of Fire (2020) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: With_the_End_in_Mind-Tides_of_Fire-CD-FLAC-2020-GRAVEWISH
Artist: With The End In Mind
Album: Tides Of Fire
Genre: Black Metal
Year: 2020
Tracks: 3
Duration: 00:47:26
Size: 278.96 MB

Born of grief and uncertainty, born of life-changing experiences in the wilds of Northern California and the Olympic Mountains, born of ever escalating crises and ever escalating resistance, Unraveling; Arising is a labor of truest love, a call of urgency, a reverent homage to Life in all its forms. Drawing on a diverse sonic palette, With The End In Mind creates a distinctive sound, rooted to Place. Each movement of the album reveals itself to be interwoven parts of a cohesive whole. Luscious soundscapes build from a whisper, only to be split like straining trees by the thunderous black metal storm. The maelstrom is tempered by the occasional hint of dark folk and classic psychedelia, echoes of a forgotten time and place. Fury and turmoil seem all-encompassing, yet give way to deeper understandings of Myth and the eternal cycles of our world.


  1. With The End In Mind - Set The Cavernous Soul Alight - 18:07 (845 kbps , 109.52 MB)
  2. With The End In Mind - May The Name Of Truth Be Fire - 6:41 (664 kbps , 31.77 MB)
  3. With The End In Mind - Returning, Reclaiming - 22:38 (850 kbps , 137.67 MB)

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