Artist: Yotam Silberstein, Aaron Goldberg, Reuben Rogers, Gregory Hutchinson
Title: The Village
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 2016
Duration: 01:04:43
Quality: High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 24bit/88,2kHz
Label: Jazz & People

Along with guitarists such as Lage Lund, Peter Bernstein and his fellow countryman Gilad Hekselman, Yotam Silberstein represents one of the inspiring and influential forces of jazz, and guitar, in NYC and around the world. Following up four recordings as a leader and dozens of recordings as a sideman, Silberstein is proud and happy to present his new recording, The Village, to the world. It is by far his finest work, in that Silberstein was able to bring together many influences that are meaningful to him, including music from the Middle East, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Uruguay and of course jazz and blues, all fully absorbed and forged into a unique and coherent voice. For the recording of The Village Silberstein surrounded himself with close friends, Aaron Goldberg (piano), Reuben Rogers (bass) and Gregory Hutchinson (drums), who collectively could only be described as a world-class, dream-team rhythm section, allowing the grandeur of the guitarist’s mastery to shine through unadulterated.

Hello everyone, My name is Yotam Silberstein, And I’m a Guitarist / Composer/ Educator/ Father/ Husband based in New York City. I was born and raised in Israel, and since I can remember myself, I’ve always had a very strong attraction to music and especially, Guitars.
When I was 10 years old, after begging my parents for years, they finally gave in, and let me take the guitar that used to lie in my grandmother’s house, and the rest is history. It was love at first sight. I began to play and teach myself chords and make my own melodies and to fall in love even deeper with music. Things really started to get serious when I got accepted to Alon High School for the Arts in Israel, there I met some amazing talents and friends, who inspired me deeply. I also had amazing teachers that really changed the way I look at music and life. Shortly after began my love story with Jazz and many musics in general.
While finishing high school, I began to play with some of Israel’s best musicians, and in 2004 I released my first album, “The Arrival”, on Fresh Sound Records in Spain. Shortly after we began to do some tours in Europe.
In 2005, one of my dreams came true when I got a scholarship to go to the New School for Jazz in NYC, and got to study with some of my childhood heroes, and pretty soon after, a lot of them started calling me for gigs.
I’m very happy to call NYC home. Ever since I moved here I got to tour and record with some of the most incredible musicians on this planet : James Moody, Roy Hargrove, The Heath Brothers, Paquito D’Rivera, Marcus Miller, David Sanborn, The Dizzy Gillespie All-Stars, Monty Alexander, Pat Martino, Sam Yahel, David “Fathead” Newman, Toninho Horta, Carlos “Negro” Aguirre, Aca Seca Trio and many many many more amazing artists.
I am lucky to have recorded 4 albums as a leader. But Today I’m here to talk to you about my new project. My new album, “The Village”.
I will feature some dear friends and amazing musicians, Aaron Goldberg on piano, Reuben Rogers on bass, and Greg Hutchinson. The album will consist mostly of my original music but also some exciting new arrangements of some of my personal favorites tunes.
The Village, the title track of the album, has a double meaning. It refers to New York’s Greenwich Village, which has been my artistic home for the past 10 years. It also refers to the fact that the world has become one global village, which has enabled easy access through the Internet and social media to different styles of music and musicians from all over the world. This album is a representation of my personal encounter with different traditions, sounds and musicians who have inspired me, taught me and expanded my horizon throughout my musical travels as a touring musician. The album’s tracks travel through israeli music, arabic influences, flamenco, brazilian baio, samba, choro, argentinean milonga,, and of course, American jazz—bringing all these different ingredients together and creating one musical village through my writing and arranging. –Yotam Silberstein


  1. Parabens – 4:12
  2. Milonga Gris – 5:34
  3. Nocturno – 7:01
  4. The Village – 8:20
  5. Stav – 5:18
  6. Fuzz – 7:04
  7. Albayzin – 6:07
  8. Changes – 5:44
  9. O Vôo da mosca – 5:11
  10. October – 6:38
  11. Lennie Bird – 3:40